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Who are we
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PPExport B.V. established since 1978 in the world's leading flower auction, the 'VBA' in Aalsmeer in the Netherlands. The auction is very important for the export of plants and flowers in whole Europe. PPExport B.V. a national and international supplier of potted plants and outdoor plant. Plants with the best quality.

We work closely with reliable, fast carriers: Selman transport, U.C. Transport and Getru Transport.The have cooled trucks to bring the plants in the best quality to the destination.

PPExport B.V. is doing business for 20 years on the auction. The customers of PPExport B.V. are garden centres, large flowershops and wholesalers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. We work on the basis of a competitive commission percentage on the actual price we pay at that day.